GRG P2800NL Series High-Capacity Bulk Cash Deposit Machine

The GRG P2800NL Series sets a new standard in cash management technology, specially designed to accommodate the demanding needs of businesses and financial institutions with high-volume cash transactions. This machine combines efficiency, security, and user-friendliness into a cutting-edge solution for bulk cash deposits.

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  • High-Speed and High-Capacity Deposits

    Engineered to streamline the deposit process, the P2800NL significantly enhances cash handling operations, enabling businesses to manage their cash deposits more effectively and securely.

  • Advanced Security and Accuracy

    Incorporates state-of-the-art security features to ensure the highest levels of cash handling security, from counterfeit detection to encryption protocols for data protection.

  • Simplified Operation and Maintenance

    Designed with the user in mind, the P2800NL offers an intuitive interface and modular components for easy use and maintenance, ensuring minimal downtime and operational efficiency.

Device Specifications

  • High-Speed Note Processing: Capable of processing up to 720 notes per minute, offering unmatched efficiency for bulk cash deposits.
  • Expanded Cassette Capacity: Equipped with 5 cassettes, each with a capacity of 2,500 banknotes, totaling a maximum storage capacity of 12,500 banknotes. This significant capacity ensures continuous operation even during peak deposit times.
  • Advanced Note Validation: Features a sophisticated note authentication system to accurately identify and segregate counterfeit or unfit banknotes, enhancing the deposit process’s security and reliability.
  • Display: Features a 15-inch, high-resolution touchscreen display, offering clear, user-friendly instructions for a seamless deposit experience.
  • Keypad: A robust, water-resistant, and dust-proof keypad ensures secure PIN entry and transaction validation.
  • Card Reader: Incorporates an EMV-compliant card reader with anti-skimming technology, including a contactless option for added convenience and security.
  • Comprehensive Protection: Advanced encryption standards safeguard transaction data, while physical security measures, including dual locking mechanisms, protect against unauthorized access.
  • Counterfeit Detection: Integrates cutting-edge technology for banknote serial number tracking and counterfeit detection, ensuring the integrity of deposits.
  • Real-time Connectivity: Offers network connectivity options for immediate transaction monitoring, software updates, and remote diagnostics, enhancing operational efficiency.
  • Multi-language Support: Adapts to diverse user demographics by providing multi-language interface options, ensuring accessibility and ease of use for all customers.


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