GRG Kiosk i64P Series Advanced Self-Service Solution

The GRG Kiosk i64P Series emerges as a pinnacle of self-service technology, offering an array of sophisticated features designed to enhance customer interaction across multiple sectors. With its robust construction and cutting-edge functionality, the i64P Series kiosk provides an intuitive and efficient self-service experience, supporting a wide range of applications from ticket sales and payment processing to information kiosks and check-in services.

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  • Enhanced User Experience

    Features a large, interactive touchscreen display offering vibrant visuals and an intuitive user interface, ensuring ease of use for all demographics. The responsive design accommodates various services, including wayfinding, information lookup, and transactions, delivering a seamless customer experience.

  • Versatile Functionality

    Equipped to support diverse applications with modular components such as a thermal printer for receipts and tickets, a barcode scanner for product and ticket verification, and a payment module accepting cash, card, and contactless payments, making it a comprehensive solution for any self-service requirement.

  • Robust Security and Reliability

    Built with industrial-grade materials and components to withstand high usage and harsh environments. Advanced security features, including encrypted data transmission and secure access for maintenance, ensure the protection of sensitive information and uninterrupted service.

Device Specifications

  • A 27-inch HD touchscreen display provides clear, accessible menus and instructions, suitable for advertising, customer information, and service transactions.
  • Customizable software interface to match the branding and service requirements of various industries, enhancing user engagement and satisfaction.
  • Integrated multi-payment module supporting EMV chip and PIN, magstripe cards, NFC for contactless payments, and cash handling for notes and coins.
  • High-speed thermal printer for printing receipts, tickets, and other documents, with options for full-color or monochrome printing.
  • Secure enclosure with tamper detection and alarm systems to protect against unauthorized access.
  • Data encryption and secure network connectivity options for safe transmission of personal and payment data.
  • Energy-efficient design with low power consumption components and LED lighting.
  • Easy access for maintenance and component replacement, reducing downtime and operational costs.
  • QR code and barcode scanning for product information, ticket validation, and loyalty program integration.
  • Webcam and microphone integration for interactive services, remote assistance, and multimedia communications.
  • Wi-Fi and 4G/5G connectivity options for internet access and cloud-based services.


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