Cash Automation is not an option,it is a responsibility!

Automated Cash Register

  • Cash Guard Premium Cash Management Solution

    The Cash Guard Premium solution is the leading cash management solution on the market. It is the first choice of retailers world-wide and in a variety of retail segments. Premium has a proven track record of providing efficient cash management to retailers.

    CashGuard Premium Cash Management Solution

    The solutionis well-known for its quality, reliability and security. Premium’sreporting functions give retailers control of their cash management.That allows them to focus on the business instead of the cash.Premium automates, seals and secures the cash handling processat the point of sale. It lets retailers enjoy increased revenue, loweredcosts, better customer service and increased security for bothemployees and customers.

    • Lower costs
      Premium can cut costs related tocash by 30% and the time spent on cash by 50%.
      Retailersenjoy lower CIT costs and lower insurancepremiums.
    • Increased security
      One robbery can cost€13 000. Premium is tamper proof and the cashierhas no access to the money. This significantly lowerstherisk for robbery. The staff feels safer and longopening hours are less risky.
    • Peace of mind
      Retailers no longer have to worryabout cash-related issues. CashGuard takes care ofthe cash, so the retailer can take care of the business.
    • Closed system
      Premium replaces the opencash drawer with a sealed and secure systemthat effectively closes the cash handling process.Humanerrors are a thing of the past. So are internal theft and shrinkage.
    • Better management control
      The Premiumsolution automatically counts the cash correctlyevery time. The reporting functions give retailersinstantoverview and let them optimise cash levels inthe business. Retailers can focus on their businessand on their customers, not on the cash.

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  • Scanpay Cash Management Solution

    Minimising the risk of cash shrinkage, theft and fraud is key to optimising the cash cycle.

    Scanpay Cash Management Solution

    Minimising the risk of cash shrinkage, theft and fraud is key to optimising the cash cycle.The SP250 Cash Recylers for Retail Checkout controls cash inreal-time and removes the need for manual cash handling which assures a highly secure and efficient solution.

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How we implemented the Cash Guard System across 12 stores for a retail chain in Kuwait

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