Intelligent Cash Deposit

  • Sallen Electrum Cash Deposit Machine

    The Electrum is a Cash Deposit System offering maximum efficiency and reliability when depositing cash:The operator shall identify himself (user&password,personal card, etc…) before making any deposit, this way tracking of every transaction is guaranteed.

    Sallen Electrum Cash Deposit Machine

    The CDS Electrum counts and verifies every banknote deposited, rejecting counterfeits. After every deposit, the CDS Electrum automatically sends all the information related to the deposit to a centralized data server. Real time access to the information is guaranteed. Money is secured inside the safe. It will not be possible to access the money until the CIT company collects the sealed bag and opens it inside the cash center.

    • Reliability
      Same technology used by banknote counters operating in more than 15 countries. Banknotes are counted and verified at high speed (Upto 600 banknotes per minute)
    • Security
      ECB Certified Technology
    • Secured Cash
      Risks of robbery diminishes
    • Tracking
      By identifying every user and every transaction made.
    • Diminishes Employees Responsability.
      Depositing cash in the CDS Electrum avoids to have excess cash innon secured areas.
    • Improves productivity
      Reducing time dedicated to handle cash up to 60%.
    • Cuts shrinkage.
      Real time accounting.
    • Faster end of day closing.
    • CDS Software to control deposits made (by cashier, by device…),number of collections, etc… is provided.

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  • P2800 Intelligent Cash Deposit Machine

    P2800/L series is comprised of high speed and large capacity cash deposit machines with state of the art technologies like banknote validation, sorting, and serial number tracking.

    P2800/L is the ideal solution for retailback office deposit, bank branch teller automation and CIT resource optimization. P2800/L can be applied in anyscenario with big volume cash transactions delivering more efficient and secure service.

    • Intrinsic Performance:
      P2800/L supports continuous cash feeding, authenticates and sorts notes at the speed of 8 notes per second. It comes with maximum 6 cassettes with each cassette holding up to 2,500 notes.
    • Flexible Configuration:
      P2800/L can be configured with EPP and contactless card reader. Each cassette can be configured with pecificdenomination and capacity. Both GRG deposit cassette and intelligent cassette are supported.
    • Premier Security:
      UL291 Level 1 safe, built-in fraud resistant card-reader, anti-fishing envelops deposit slot, optional vibration alarm andremote monitoring software solution eLnsure a secure transaction environment. PCI EPP is available on P2800/L, which enables P2800/L to be suitable for self-service application.

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  • Hitachi HSST-III Cash Deposit Machine

    The Hitachi HSST-III is a largest capactiy cash deposit machine with more than 17,500 banknote capactiy and powerfull counterfeit detection module.

    Hitachi HSST-III Cash Deposit Machine
    • Cassettes: Up to 5 cassettes, (04 Recycling Box + 01 Acceptance Box)
    • Capacity of banknotes: up to 17,000 notes
    • Monitor: Touchscreen 10,4”
    • Capability of simultaneous handling up to 128 denominations
    • Security: Face Cameras, UL291 Level
    • Card less: NFC, Barcode Reader
    • Software: Microsoft Windows 10

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